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Tumblr Tuesday: Vile Beauties

Nose Mouth
We’ve described it around the office as “ugh” and “horrible.” We wouldn’t say those things if we didn’t love this very gross blog.

Slug Solos
An absurdist takedown of macho rock posturing. Also, way gross. 

People With Tiny Faces
With each one, imagine kissing them.  

Shopped Tattoos
Not very gross at all. Actually pretty relaxing, after all that. 

Face Fusion
It turns out Taylor Swift’s mug fused with any other young, white female celebrity’s mug looks like a generic brand of Taylor Swift you would find at a big box store next to the name brand product. 

Photo via @nosemouth

You know those things when you feel like maybe you’re the only actual person-person on earth, cause stuff just aligns so perfectly like everything is just custom-made for you? Like Truman Show, but like, real.

So that is what visiting every blog on this list feels like. Either I’ve just finally come around to where my exact sense of humor is briefly a la mode, or Ed Harris is straight-up running this.


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Charlie Brown is the anti-Kanye.



Charlie Brown is the anti-Kanye.

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I came out to attack people and I’m honestly having such a good time right now

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Nature’s best friends

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