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Just finishing using my risograph to make an insane looking poster to be given away with the new Foxes in Fiction records. Sourced entirely from notebook sketches from high school, childhood and family photos, and old medical / psychiatrist records. There’s an edited version of the album artwork somewhere in there too.

Pleased to meet me.

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Some fun with President Obama

Earlier today Hannah and I discussed the tan suit but I hadn’t SEEN the tan suit, and OH MY GOD. I UNDERSTAND NOW.

YES I watched this statement live and I was like, um, what is happening? You’re the president and you wear navy blue. We like it when you make funny jokes, sir, but this is not funny.


what a beautiful day to not be in high school

I graduated from high school 15 years ago and still feel like this every single day.

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Jump on it!

He’s just so talented, you guys. ::dreamy sigh::


Jump on it!

He’s just so talented, you guys. ::dreamy sigh::



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Wobble, Phanatic, wobble.

The Phanatic is outstandingly good at the wobble. My love for him continues to grow.

Just hop right into a burrito so I can eat you. No, really.

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